submit your bitch

submit your bitch

Today’s film, which we got from an anonymous user is called “rate my ex girlfriend.” But before you vote for the biggest bitch know her story first. Here is how the ex-boyfriend tells the story of his ex-girlfriend. “Hello. At the outset I write I am overwhelmed with anger, sadness and depression and all possible states of mind in one. I have a girlfriend, but rather We ….. I / We have been – because I have no idea what to do now, been together for less than 2 years . The day before yesterday I thought of is all about, unfortunately. Some time ago I found out that her period is late. As fucked up is often thought that it could slip, that would not be nice, but what we will do the trick …. somehow. No. but it is not so simple. The day before yesterday I found out that she is pregnant. Unfortunately, I also learned that in college, he is studying, she met a clown and slept with him. And now I do not know whether the child whether it is my ….., but stated that if the mine and its not like I go to it and so the management of maintenance, and now he loves me, and that, it was a mistake, a moment of weakness. The worst part for me is that her mother also did not see this as a problem and actually makes me want to stay with her!! For her, that she is betrayed me and does not know who you might have a baby is nothing abnormal. She sees no problem …… Now I’m like this bad … Tell me what do I do, I do not want to live with the person who betrayed me … “And you what would you do?” Vote for the biggest bitch only submit your bitch! Submit Your Bitch


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